Michal Ožibko


SO – WOacrylic on canvas2021–2022
Fictitious findacrylic on canvas2021–2022
Almost a still lifeacrylic on canvas2021–2022
On the edge of realityacrylic on canvas2021
A touch of levitationacrylic on canvas2021
On the edge of realityacrylic on canvas2021
Transition phase of motionacrylic on canvas2019–2020
Detection of permeationacrylic on canvas2019–2020
Polyparaffinacrylic on canvas2019–2020
Diveacrylic on canvas2019–2020
Fragmentation of entitiesacrylic on canvas2019–2020
In memoriesacrylic on canvas2019–2020
Study of duplicity II.acrylic on canvas2017
Approval of heart chambersacrylic on canvas2017
Study of duplicityacrylic on canvas2017
Do not ask why redacrylic on canvas2013
Study of duplicity I.acrylic on canvas2017
Silence rustle noiseacrylic on canvas2010
No titleacrylic on board2002