The Olomouc Museum of Art has included three paintings to largest exhibition of Czech hyperrealistic paintings. At the same time, he actively participated in the preparation of the exhibition and several hundred-page publication named Fascinations with Reality, mapping the origin and evolution of Czech hyperrealism.


The diploma thesis was a 5 x 4 meter large painting of the Pieta – Escape. As an opponent of this work was prof. Gordon Graham, author of Philosophy of Art and Teacher at Princeton University, New Jersey. The work is now exhibited in the Archbishop’s Chateau in Kroměříž.


Each year, the BP Visitor Choice competition offers visitors to the highly popular BP Portrait Award exhibition the opportunity to vote for their favourite portrait in the exhibition. This year, a record 25,980 votes were cast between 24 June and 5 September 2010, and the overall winner was painting iDeath, which received 4,127 votes.


Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the studio of classical painting techniques prof. Zdeněk Beran. The assistant here was Pavel Holas. During his studies he worked as a Art director in graphic studios and advertising agencies.


After leaving home, he joined the military service at the Prague Castle Guard.


Freelance artist


Studied at a secondary technical school in Šumperk.


Born in Šumperku at Czech republic.