Michal Ožibko

Available artworks

In the silence of the moment I.oil on canvas2021–2022
In the silence of the moment III.oil on canvas2021–2022
Diveacrylic on canvas2019–2020
Fragmentation of entitiesacrylic on canvas2019–2020
In memoriesacrylic on canvas2019–2020
Fakeacrylic on canvas2019
Untitled, unknown artistacrylic on canvas2019
Signatureakryl na plátně2019
$IGNATUR€acrylic on canvas2019
Composition of accidentoil on canvas2018
Pumkinstreet art2008
Jehovah’s Witnessesstreet art2008
Memorial to the Victims of Communismstreet art2008
Vladimíroil on canvas2017
Franzoil on canvas2017
Contactoil on canvas2004
Condomsstreet art2009
Shootersstreet art2009
Sleepingoil on canvas2004