Jehovah’s Witnesses
2008 street art For sale
I asked a friend of mine to stand with me at I. P. Pavlova station right next to a pair of Jehovah's Witnesses. We had porn booklets in our hands. Their format was the same as the Watchtower. Our goal was to wake up the passing masses from their lethargy and, through the contrast between the two pairs operating next to each other, alert the people to the danger posed by the followers of this official cult. The law prohibits presenting pornography openly due to the moral hazard to the education of the youth. However, at the time when the Internet is accessible to everyone, the question is whether it is rather the cults and similar organizations who violates the law. Without any doubt, they are detrimental to the society, they pose a greater danger. The pair of Jehovah's Witnesses stopped their activities after some time when a person who noticed what we were doing tipped them off.