H.U.E. VI.
2018 mixed media on canvas 61 × 40,5 cm Sold
The cycle entitled H.U.E. (Electricity Box) is a reflexion on a rooted successiveness, where the motif of a work comes first followed by the artwork as an expression/reaction of the artist. The cycle consists of a series of paintings, more precisely assemblages on canvas, that represent an accurate illusion of real electricity boxes that we are used to seeing on the facades of buildings. I placed the works on houses in the streets in such a way that they naturally merged in and I took photos of them. The pictures document the temporary existence of an artefact in the public space. In the gallery, I install both artefacts side by side - the painting and the photo of it - so that the spectators think that on the photo they see the model for the assemblage, completely clueless that the object preceded the photo. The motif of the artwork and the artwork itself thus switched their roles.