SO – WOacrylic on canvas2021–2022
Fictitious findacrylic on canvas2021–2022
Almost a still lifeacrylic on canvas2021–2022
Encounter II.oil on canvas2021–2022
Encounter I.oil on canvas2021–2022
In the silence of the moment I.oil on canvas2021–2022
In the silence of the moment II.oil on canvas2021–2022
In the silence of the moment III.oil on canvas2021–2022
June evening II.oil on board2021
June evening I.oil on board2021
On the edge of realityacrylic on canvas2021
A touch of levitationacrylic on canvas2021
On the edge of realityacrylic on canvas2021
Transition phase of motionacrylic on canvas2019–2020
Detection of permeationacrylic on canvas2019–2020
Polyparaffinacrylic on canvas2019–2020
Diveacrylic on canvas2019–2020
Fragmentation of entitiesacrylic on canvas2019–2020
In memoriesacrylic on canvas2019–2020
Sorrow (portrait of Antonia)oil on canvas2020
Girl from Montreal I. (portrait of Antonia)oil on canvas2020
Girl from Montreal II. (portrait of Antonia)oil on canvas2020
Fakeacrylic on canvas2019
Fakeacrylic on canvas2019
Untitled, unknown artistacrylic on canvas2019
This painting has the value of an apartment in Prague 1acrylic on canvas2019
Signatureakryl na plátně2019
$IGNATUR€acrylic on canvas2019
Composition of accidentoil on canvas2018
Study of duplicity II.acrylic on canvas2017
Approval of heart chambersacrylic on canvas2017
Study of duplicityacrylic on canvas2017
Do not ask why redacrylic on canvas2013
Pumkinstreet art2008
Jehovah’s Witnessesstreet art2008
Memorial to the Victims of Communismstreet art2008
Inauguration of everydaynessoil on canvas2019
Milan Janeckýoil on canvas2019
Space III.oil on canvas2018
Identificationoil on canvas2018
Vladimíroil on canvas2017
Franzoil on canvas2017
Study of duplicity I.acrylic on canvas2017
From Ukraine III.oil on canvas2016
…with Pearl Earringoil on canvas2016
Den I.oil on canvas2016
Den II.oil on canvas2016
Hereoil on canvas2016
Martin Janeckýoil on canvas2015
Essence of Escapeoil on canvas2013
Escapeoil on canvas2011
Silence rustle noiseacrylic on canvas2010
iDeath I.oil on canvas2010
iDeath II.oil on canvas2010
H.U.E. XIII.mixed media on canvas2018
H.U.E. XII.mixed media on canvas2018
H.U.E. XI.mixed media on canvas2018
H.U.E. X.mixed media on canvas2018
H.U.E. IX.mixed media on canvas2018
H.U.E. VIII.mixed media on canvas2018
H.U.E. VII.mixed media on canvas2018
H.U.E. VI.mixed media on canvas2018
H.U.E. V.mixed media on canvas2018
H.U.E. IV.mixed media on canvas2009
H.U.E. III.mixed media on canvas2009
H.U.E. II.mixed media on canvas2009
H.U.E. I.mixed media on canvas2009
BeTweenoil on canvas2007
Girl with…oil on canvas2008
Pope as DJoil on canvas2007
Phone boxoil on canvas2007
Portrait alternativ paralel of my existenceoil on canvas2006
From Ukraineoil on canvas2006
From Ukraine II.oil on canvas2006
Lonelinessoil on canvas2005
Packageoil on canvas2004
From squatoil on canvas2004
Contactoil on canvas2004
Space II.oil on canvas2004
Structured spaceoil on canvas2003
Structured space II.oil on canvas2003
No titleacrylic on board2002
Condomsstreet art2009
Shootersstreet art2009
Sleepingoil on canvas2004